Bespoke Software Development

Case Study: The Founders of the Biotech Industry

The company, who are often referred to as the founders of the biotech industry, approached TotalLab to create an application that would automate their 1D gel analysis process. They required an automatic, integrated analysis solution for band detection, lane creation, MW and an enhanced reporting system. Their current solution simply wasn’t built to automate an analysis or allow for bespoke parameters to be configured. They needed a solution that would address the challenges in their high-throughput protein expression laboratory and ultimately produce an automatic 1D gel analysis system.

Deliverables: Automation. Reproducibility. Efficiency. Integration.


How our Software Helped Their Business

Automation: We embedded a new, simplified functionality that allowed researchers to employ automation in their 1D analysis with minimal analyst interaction, while maintaining high levels of quality. This included automatic lane detection, detecting bands of interest and molecular weight.

Integration and Reporting: The company required specific functionality and data output for their analysis and reports. We built an interface that calculated the essential information needed to analyse their gel images. We created a new reporting system to enhance and automate their gel reports, reporting only the meaningful results they required, exporting coomassie blue images and providing an efficient output. In addition, the output files were tailored for seamless upload to their system via API.

What are the benefits of bespoke software development with TotalLab?

Our flexible and agile approach, coupled with our technical and industry expertise, generates a streamlined and accelerated bespoke software development process.

You don’t need to know what the solution is, we can work on what it looks like. You just need to present the challenge or issue you’re looking to resolve and we can develop the rest.

This approach enables you to keep your focus in-house whilst we develop a customisable solution that can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure and processes, and provide you with software that can scale as necessary. You can also benefit from our technical support for maintenance and training.

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