SameSpots | How to assign protein isoelectric point and molecular weight to spots

Watch how by simply inputting your isoelectric point (pI) and molecular weight (MW) information into our SameSpots software it can then automatically calculate the pI and MW for all identified spots.

This is particularly useful in the identification of spots and can be combined with our MASCOT import to identify proteins on your gels or blots.

00:00 – Intro

00:35 – How to find pI and MW calibration tools

01:12 – IPG strip identification

01:25 – MW Ladder identification

01:42 – Navigating the Results Table

02:02 – How to add pI markers

02:20 – How to move pI markers once placed

02:22 – How to delete pI markers

02:29 – How pI and MW are calculated in SameSpots (piecewise linear)

03:50 – How to read pI of Spots from Results Table

04:07 – How to add MW markers

04:45 – How to read MW of Spots from Results Table

05:31 – Importing Protein List from MASCOT database

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