Phoretix 1D | How to Choose the Right Background Removal Method for Your Image Analysis

Here at TotalLab, we are frequently asked which of the background removal methods available in Phoretix 1D is the “correct” one to use.

In this demo, we explain the difference between our background removal techniques and how to choose the correct one based on your data.

00:00 – Introduction

00:22 – Explanation of What Background Is

02:00 – Rolling Ball Background Removal

03:42 – Rubber Band Background Removal

04:02 – Constant Value Background Removal

04:48 – Profile Min Background Removal

05:12 – Image Rectangle Background Removal

06:05 – How to Choose Between Different Background Removal Techniques

Phoretix 1D is also available in a fully 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant version for use in regulated industries such as medical device production.

For a free trial of Phoretix 1D to see how well it works with your images, please fill in the form here.

Phoretix 1D can provide quantitative analysis of blot and gel images, lateral flow test images, TLC (thin layer chromotography) images and more.

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