Phoretix 1D | How to Automate Your Western Blot or Gel Electrophoresis Analysis

The automatic analysis features built into Phoretix 1D can save you a large amount of time, in a high-throughput environment, and minimise inter-operator and inter-lab variability. The software and its features are completely user-designed and so offer the most flexible automation options possible.

In this demo we have used an image of an electrophoresis gel image, however our protocols function can be applied to any images that can normally be analysed within our software.

00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Demonstration of Speed of Automatic Analysis

00:52 – Results of Automatic Analysis

01:06 – Verifying Settings of Analysis

01:32 – How to Create Your Own Automatic Analysis Protocol

03:30 – How Protocols Work

03:52 – Saving Protocols

04:00 – Sharing Protocols Between Users and Labs

05:00 – Standardising Workflows Using Automatic Analysis

Phoretix 1D is also available in a fully 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant version for use in regulated industries such as medical device production.

For a free trial of Phoretix 1D to see how well it works with your images, please fill in the form here.

Phoretix 1D can provide quantitative analysis of blot and gel images, lateral flow test images, TLC (thin layer chromotography) images and more.

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