Celebrating 10 Years of TotalLab

Celebrating 10 Years of TotalLab

This month of March, 2023, signals our 10th year so we would like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, customers and suppliers and we look forward to celebrating with new products, customers and cake!

As a spinout of Nonlinear Dynamics in 2013, when the company was acquired by Waters Corporation, TotalLab continued to be a developer of image analysis software for the life sciences industry. We’ve utilised our decades of specialist knowledge, experience and the complex mathematical algorithms we’ve developed to meet the needs of end users and device manufacturers ever since.

Reflecting on our achievements and what they signal for 2023…

Over the years we’ve continued to work closely with industry to develop purpose-built software that would enable users to make efficiencies in their labs, including saving time, money and improving reproducibility across users.

This includes our 2D host cell protein image analysis software, SpotMap, which enables users to make informed choices when choosing antibodies for host cell protein detection during the production of advanced therapies. Since its launch in 2015 it has now become the industry standard.

We’ve continued through the years to support and develop our 1D and 2D image analysis software in response to feedback and ever-evolving customer requirements, as well as developing strategic partnerships with image device manufacturers to develop state-of-the-art software alongside the latest hardware.

A new brand, website and product refresh sets us up for anniversary celebrations

In April 2022 we released our new brand and website. This reflects our position as a dynamic technology company and produce regular marketing content.

This has included creating regular YouTube demonstrations on getting the best out of our software, creating striking new visuals and flyers and working more closely with the media to increase our reach.

As well as developing our marketing and visual style, we haven’t lost sight of ensuring our software is cutting edge and have released to market our Phoretix 1D image analysis software. This was developed in line with industry needs and feedback to deliver the highest quality data – in the shortest amount of time with the highest level of automation to reduce inter-operator variation.

And more recently we have launched Phoretix Array, the latest evolution of our array assay-based image analysis software. Phoretix Array offers users the ability to, quickly and easily, define a square grid of wells for quantification in experiments based within an array/plate format. Once defined, the user has a number of options to remove background “noise” from wells, define negative and positive controls and normalise their wells. Phoretix Array has all the modern tools required for comprehensive experimental analysis.

Looking further into 2023, we have a number of developments that will support our growing user base in the life sciences industry and beyond. This includes a new solution for regulated labs, looking for an easy-to-install application to ensure GxP / 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

We’re also looking to get back out and about attending and exhibiting at trade fairs and conferences, including the BEBPA Host Cell Protein Conference in May. To be kept up to date on this and where you can meet up with our head of sales and business development, Dr Steven Dodd, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and sign up to our e-mails.