Bespoke Software Development

How we can enhance your products and processes with bespoke software

As well as developing and selling our own industry-leading image analysis and 21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11 GxP compliant software solutions, we have long-standing partnerships with the world’s largest OEMs in the life science imaging space and create bespoke software to expand the capabilities of their physical products.

If you are an instrument manufacturer (gel documentation, laser scanner etc.) we can provide you with 21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11 compliant world-class image analysis software for your customers, reducing your time to market and saving you in-house software development costs. Our team has the technical know-how and insight to develop solutions for the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

We can work alongside your in-house teams to create agile software development that are bespoke to you and meets your customers’ requirements.

We can completely white-label solutions and create software that aligns with your branding – so it is truly bespoke to your organisation.  TotalLab will develop a solution that can be easily integrated into your organisation and scaled in relation to your business processes and goals.

Industry-led software solutions

Our clients count the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies around the world and each company runs their internal processes in a different way. We’re sometimes called upon to make small customizations to software or provide training to support their workflow.

By drawing on this experience – and having our ear close to the ground in industry – we stay ahead of the curve and are ready to adapt to changes in the market.

We’re flexible and fast-paced: this ensures the timely delivery of solutions that produce reliable and accurate results.

21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11 GxP Compliance

We have over a decade of experience in developing software and hardware that meets and even exceeds the regulatory requirements of the FDA to gain approval for a new therapeutic drug, vaccine or medical device.


If you need help achieving 21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11 GxP compliance for your existing software or equipment, we can make it happen

Our previous bespoke projects:

The Founders of the Biotech Industry

The company, who are often referred to as the founders of the biotech industry, required an automatic, integrated analysis solution for band detection, lane creation, MW and an enhanced reporting system.

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Building a 21 CFR compliant global database

A world-leading pharmaceutical company in the immunotherapy field approached us to help them build a 21 CFR ready database for 1D gel analysis data and migrate a large existing dataset.

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What are the benefits of bespoke software development with TotalLab?

Our flexible and agile approach, coupled with our technical and industry expertise, generates a streamlined and accelerated bespoke software development process.

You don’t need to know what the solution is, we can work on what it looks like. You just need to present the challenge or issue you’re looking to resolve and we can develop the rest.

This approach enables you to keep your focus in-house whilst we develop a customisable solution that can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure and processes, and provide you with software that can scale as necessary. You can also benefit from our technical support for maintenance and training.

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