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Do you have a question on how to use one of our products? Contact the team directly, on the form below, we’re always happy to answer questions and help our customers get the most out of our software. And we aim to provide a prompt reply.

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If you have a new team member joining or maybe you’re new to our software, we can offer training and resource sharing.

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Software trials are also available across our product range to help you find the best solution for your laboratory needs.

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Which products can I get technical and analytical support for?

As of February 2023 we offer technical and analytical support for the following products:

Product Version OS
CLIQS 1D Pro V1.0+ Windows 10
SpotMap V3.0+ Windows 10
SameSpots V4.6+ Windows 10

Have a support question?

If you have a support question on using our software either as a customer or a trial user please use the below form to explain your question. We aim to provide a timely response and an initial response within 24 hours. If you’re a customer and your request is urgent please get in touch directly using the contact details you would have been provided with.


    CLIQS 1D Pro | How to create dendrograms for similarity

    CLIQS 1D Pro allows the building of a database of lanes and bands extracted from images of 1D gels and blots. Here we demonstrate how to visualise the similarities between lanes in the form of dendrogams or similarity tables.

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    SameSpots | How to assign protein isoelectric point and molecular weight to spots

    Learn how to add pI and MW info into SameSpots for automatic calculation of molecular weight for all identified spots.

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    CLIQs 1D Pro | How to Accurately Match Bands/Compare Lanes Across Different Gels and Blots

    Watch how CLIQS 1D Pro can perform a simple comparison between lanes taken from different gels or blots, to identify any matches between them.

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    SpotMap | How to Analyse Host Cell Protein (HCP) Antibody Coverage %

    This tutorial will show you how to analyse 2D gel electrophoresis and western blot images using TotalLab's SpotMap HCP image analysis software and calculate a percentage coverage score.

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    Phoretix 1D | How to Choose the Right Background Removal Method for Your Image Analysis

    In this demo, we explain the difference between our background removal techniques and how to choose the correct one based on your data.

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    Phoretix 1D | How to Automate Your Western Blot or Gel Electrophoresis Analysis

    The automatic analysis features built into Phoretix 1D can save you huge amounts of time in a high-throughput environment and minimise inter-operator and inter-lab variability.

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