Work with BRU

We are always looking for interesting people and businesses to collaborate with. While we are open to consider any kind of collaboration, at this moment we are especially looking for businesses and retailers that want to sell our machine in their shops. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Woman taking a brewed cup of tea from the BRU machine.

BRU dropshipping program for tea shops and retailers

With our dropshipping program, you don't need to take any risk or hold any stock. Simply promote and sell the product to your customers and we take care of the rest.

Your customers will have a better tea experience and drink more tea which will help you drive sales.

For now our dropshipping program is focussed in the Middle East, but feel free to fill in the contact form so we can contact you when we expand to other countries

Getting started

Online: Add the BRU Maker One as a product in your web shop.
BRU provides digital content and support.

Offline: When signing up you will receive a BRU Maker One to use for demonstrating in your store.



Be among the first to sell the BRU Maker One in your shop or web shop. Order and payment directed to BRU.


The order will be shipped directly to the customer from the BRU warehouse.
Tracking number and customer support by BRU.



At the end of each month, you will receive a percentage of the sale per machine sold during the past month.

Other collaborations

Are you interested in working together with BRU, but the dropshipping program does not apply to you, or you have another proposal for collaboration?
We are interested in your ideas, let us know in the contact form below!

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